Tribe Skate Co - Premium Ceramic Longboard Bearings


Dude, cheap metal bearings are a drag.

Match your passion for boarding with a set of Tribe Premium Ceramic Bearings and skate like a pro.

FASTER: Ceramic properties permit your wheels to tolerate extended use.

These 608RS ZrO2 ceramics will take abuse and last much longer than metal bearings.

SMOOTHER: Tribe Ceramics are loaded with lube for a smoother ride. Ride them for a few days to heat and disperse the lubricant. Then experience a new level of smooth.

Professional boarders know that fully lubed bearings last longer and ride smoother. That is why professionals avoid metal bearings in favor of high performance wheel bearings.


MECHANICAL RATINGS: Tribe Ceramics are engineered to handle the heaviest skater.

With a basic load rating of Cor(KN) 1.66 and a dynamic load rating of Cr(KN) 3.90, these bearings take 397 pound-feet of force without breaking.

How many 400 pound skaters do you know?

SUPER HARD: The density of the ceramic balls is 7.80 g/cm3 -- making them virtually indestructible.

We don't call them Tribe's for nothing. These gems will last longer than metal bearings by far.

No bearings last forever, but Tribe Bearings will outlive cheaper brands to prolong your skating enjoyment.


Super hard ceramic balls reduce friction and prevent wear and tear at high speeds. (pre-lubricated)

Perfect for slalom skating, free boarding or long distance cruising.

Fits scooter, inline, quad or hockey skate wheels, but are designed for longboards.


One shield design for easier cleaning. No need to pry open a shield when cleaning or adding lube.


  • SMOOTHER RIDE: Set of 8 Tribe ceramic bearings are heavily lubricated to resist drag. Break them with a few gnarly rides, then experience a new level of smooth.
  • BETTER THAN STEEL: Don’t settle for metal bearings that promise a long spin time right out of the box, but are prone to rusting and are easily scratched by dirt. Tribe ceramics are made with indestructible polished ceramic glass balls. No worry about rust or damage from dirt with ceramic balls.
  • LUBE PROTECTED: Heavy lubrication prevents wear and tear, resists damage from water, and helps keep nylon bearing cage from cracking. No matter how fast and hard you ride, these bearings will let you perform like a pro.