Tribe Skate Co™ Ceramic Bearings Titanium

Our new range of Ceramic Bearings are an upgrade from what is out there. For a skater, better skill and speed require the ideal set of ball bearings for optimal support and performance.


Right from concept to creation, our Ceramic Bearings were built to be faster, smoother, lightweight, stronger and sturdier than any of its peers. It is made to withstand all the torture and still keep powering through it.


  • Built for better clearance, tolerance and lubrication
  • Rapid acceleration helps you roll faster and further than ever
  • High resistance to dust, dirt and moisture
  • High speed Nylon ball retainer for improved performance, strength and speed.
  • Easy Cleaning - removable and non-contact rubber shields
  • Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant for unbeatable performance and durability


What is included?

  • Set of 8 Tribe Swiss Ceramic Bearings
  • 4 bearing spacers
  • Instructions Manual
  • Tribe Skate Co. Sticker