September 15, 2019

Ceramic bearings are more resistant to dirt, water, and corrosion than standard chrome steel bearings. The ceramic balls are much harder, and roll with less friction, giving you a faster, smoother and more quiet ride. The harder ceramic balls also maintain the steel races by "polishing" them as they roll. 
Ceramic balls do not deform as easily as steel balls and stay rounder for longer, ultimately increasing the life of the bearing. 

Plus it's cool to say you have ceramic bearing, and even cooler to say you they are Tribe Skate Co ceramics cased in Titanium.

Living in Florida, I ride in the rain and by the ocean, a lot. Rust caused by the water and salt exposure will piss you off, ruin your ride and overall kill the day. Most of us are too busy to spend the time, cleaning and re-lubing bearings every time we skate in poor conditions.

Tribe Skate Co. built our new Ceramic Skate Bearings in a Titanium Housing to ensure you get the best ride every time no matter what conditions you are skating in daily. Our ceramic ball skate & longboard bearings are the best bearing on the market to deal with the elements and still deliver performance every time out.